Cream Jeans

8 Oct

So this weekend I had a horndog in my pants that wouldn’t quit.  I’m talking major stiffy, and it was while I was out in public (which I’m fine with – i mean, I don’t mind if people passing me on the street know my trouser snake is awake, I think that’s kind of cool), but it was one of thsoe situations where I couldn’t go somewhere (like a bathroom) and take it out and jack it off.  So I just “suffered” with it, hoping it would go down.

Cuz the alternative would be creaming in my jeans.  Which, in this case, would have been not a good thing, since I was meeting some important person, and I couldn’t shake his hand with a huge cumstain spreading out over my crotch.

Fortunately, I had enough control that that didn’t happen.  But it brought back thoughts about times I HAVE cum in my pants.

Not counting wet dreams here; I soaked plenty of bedsheets as a teen-ager when my dreams were filled with enormous boobs and temptingly inviting snatches.

There was one time when I accidentally shot out in my denims, and then there were several times when I did it on purpose.  This is about one of those times.

I was, like 15, and I was out with some older guys and we went over to one of their houses and they put on some porn movies.  So this was, like, the first time I’d seen porn on a big-ass Tv screen – I’d sneaked some in on a computer, but this was one a really big screen, so it was a different experience.  I got a hard-on from the first frame (of course), and all through, the other guys were making comments about the tits and the cunts and fucking, and I was going crazy.  This guy that was next to me leaned over and said, “Don’t worry if you can’t keep your hands off yourself.  None of us can.”  And I looked over; it was dark, but I could see he was rubbing his crotch, so I quickly started rubbing my hard-on through my pants.  And I also started in with my own comments – “Yeah, she’s hot” and “Boy, I’d like to fuck her.”

Pretty soon, the other guys were moaning, like “Shit, I’m going to cum” and “I don’t know how much longer I can last.”  I was practically rubbing a hole in my pants, and after just a minute,  I was like, “Me, too, I’m going to cum” and they were like, “Yeah, do it,” and I let out this huge load and was practically yelling, “I’m blowing it, I’m cumming!”

And then they switched on the light, and all started pointing at me and laughing – “Look at the little dude, he came in his fuckin’ pants” ” “What a horndawg – can’t keep control of his cock” and that kind of stuff.  None of them had really been anywhere near cumming; it’d just been a trick to embarrass me.

Which it did.  I felt like shit.  Not really cuz I came, but cuz they had tricked me like that.  Which sucked.

But, later, when I was telling my friend what had happened, he was like, “So what?  They’re fuckin’ losers.  You got to watch some awesome tits and ass and fucking, and you got to blow a massive load.  That was fun, right?  Forget baout the jerks.”

Which was good advice.

And yeah, those assholes would later try to bring up my cumpanbts when they’d see me somewhere, like “Hey, dude, gonna get all waddy in your jeans again?”  But I was like, “I might.  Why, you wanting to watch again?” or “Yeah, but I’ll let you lick it clean.”  So I hated it when it happened, but I ended up dealing with it okay.

Other times when I purposely unloaded in my pants weren’t like this – then I was doing it on purpose, for the fun of walking around with cummy pants.  But this one sticks in my mind, since it was so fucked up.

2 Responses to “Cream Jeans”

  1. filledandfooled October 8, 2012 at 2:53 pm #

    Wow, those dudes were fucked up, and I bet at least one of them secretly got off on it. Great way of dealing with it though.

  2. sensualnslutty October 9, 2012 at 1:18 pm #

    What asses… they probably had it done to them first so they were just passing it on to the next guy.

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