Bic Lighter Joke

19 Sep

Two bros were walking along, and one dude brought out a cigarette, but he couldn’t find any matches.

“Dude,” he said to his friend, “you got a lighter?”

“Sure,” his friend said, and pulled out a Bic lighter that was a foot long.

“Wow,” said the first guy, “where’d you geta cigarette lighter that size?”

“Oh, i have a personal genie.”

“No shit!  Will he grant me a wish?”

“Shit yeah,” the dude said, “but you have to speak REAL clear like.  He’s totally hard of hearing”

So the first guy said he wished for a million bucks.  There was a flash of light, and then a million DUCKS flew overhead.

“Damn,” the guy said.  “You weren’t kidding about him being hard of hearing!”

“No shit,” the genie’s master said.  “I mean, did you really think I had asked for a 12-inch BIC?”

One Response to “Bic Lighter Joke”

  1. ( September 19, 2012 at 2:13 am #

    Now that’s funny. Wish I was so good at doing jokes. Tkanks

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